Last year was the first time that Menstrual Hygiene Day was adapted into a digital format, and the potential for reaching a larger audience was undeniable. This year the Menstrual Health world was more prepared and came out in full force with just about every digital tool you can imagine to really show the globe that #ItsTimeForAction. Without geographic restrictions, a multitude of activities were carried out in the days and weeks around May 28th.

A series of 13 official campaign illustrations were created by six different artists for Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021.

Pandora’s Box

Things really kicked off on our side when we sponsored a screening event of Pandora’s Box — the documentary film lifting the lid on menstrual…

Focusing on the positive aspects of sex, rather than resorting to scare tactics, has far better outcomes for contraception uptake, disease prevention, and eliminating gender-based violence. That’s why AmplifyChange, supported by The Pleasure Project and in partnership with The Case for Her, is launching a project to introduce pleasure-based approaches to sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy in the Global South.

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

Since its creation in 2014, AmplifyChange has received over 6,000 eligible applications to support grassroots advocates of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in the Global South*. …

A global team of experts, organized by the Global Menstrual Collective, has come together to advance menstrual policy, practice, and research by defining menstrual health.

Formal definitions can prevent misunderstandings and serve as a compass to unite and direct a movement. Achieving menstrual health for all is essential for public health and gender equality, and so a proper definition of the term “menstrual health” is crucial to advancing efforts in this space.

“By defining menstrual health holistically, we aim to bring together stakeholders across sectors. This will help ensure menstrual needs are prioritised by all who have responsibility. …

Growing our pleasure portfolio with the investment arm of the Healthy Pleasure Group

The pleasure gap is real and rooted in gender inequality. In fact, research has found that when women report satisfying sexual experiences, those reports usually reflect how they perceive their partner’s satisfaction — not their own. This prioritization of men’s pleasure over women’s is problematic in more ways than one. Just look at the Online College Social Life survey where 9/10 college-aged women admitted to participating in unwanted sexual activity in order to please their partners — this is unacceptable.

The Case for Her invests in female sexual health and pleasure because we know it is an integral part of…

We are thrilled to announce that health and development expert Shannon Lövgren will be joining The Case for Her as Managing Director. Our lean and nimble team has done some incredible work over the last four years, and we can’t wait to see where her new ideas and energy will lead us.

Shannon brings to the team more than two decades of international humanitarian and development experience spanning four continents. In early 2000 as a program director with USAID, Shannon worked in Kenya to prevent HIV and AIDS by launching some of the country’s first blood-safety centers. Today those clinics…

How a unique Trade Finance Vehicle is helping to fill the gaps in Pacific island product deserts

Menstruators in island nations largely rely on imported products, leaving them with few options to choose from and inflated prices. In the most remote areas, they may not have access to products at all, requiring home-made and at times unhygienic solutions.

At the end of 2018, The Criterion Institute, Menstrual Health Hub, and The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) funded Pacific RISE hosted a workshop for menstrual health organizations working in the Asia-Pacific region, with the goal of uncovering opportunities to improve the market in this unique geographic setting. …

What it’s like to hit menopause at the young age of 14

When most people think of menopause, they probably think of aging. Still, for one in 100 menstruators, menopause can happen years (even decades) before the “normal” onset of 45–50. The loss of estrogen that accompanies premature menopause is associated with an increased risk of dementia, sexual dysfunction, heart disease, mood disorders, osteoporosis, and even a reduced lifespan. Still, menopause is something that is misunderstood by most and even dismissed by the medical professionals we turn to for help.

Photo by C Technical from Pexels

Lack of awareness around menopause is the reason we are teaming up with Refinery29 on a D&AD New Blood Awards brief that…

A comprehensive guide for why and how to invest in menstrual health and hygiene

Leading global health organizations have unveiled a groundbreaking analysis outlining what donors, national governments, and the private sector need to invest to accelerate progress for menstrual health and hygiene (MHH). The report, Making the Case for Investing in Menstrual Health and Hygiene, is part of a growing effort to advance gender equality and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ensuring good and safe menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) contributes to the overall health and well-being of women and girls around the world, and yet roughly 500 million women and girls face limitations when it comes to managing their menstruation…

Bringing menstruation out of the shadows, one tampon bus at a time

To shatter the damaging stigmas surround menstruation, we need to normalize conversations and bring this all-too-hidden topic into the light. And 2020, for all its restrictions and shutdowns, seemed to be the year of innovative and barrier-breaking menstrual marketing campaigns.

Here are some of our favorite ideas that got people talking about periods.

Bloody Good Beer by BrewDog for Bloody Good Period

Image: BrewDog

The team at BrewDog are masters of fundraising, and with Bloody Good Beer, they are helping to raise funds for the non-profit organization Bloody Good Period. …

A look behind the stigma-smashing scenes of The Case for Her’s first-ever demo day

For most sponsors, the D&AD New Blood Awards is a way to engage the emerging creative talent that will potentially carry their advertising campaigns forward into the future. We’re a little different. For us, sponsoring a New Blood brief offers an opportunity for us to talk about female health in unexpected spaces — something we know is key to breaking taboos and changing social norms. Also, it’s a lot of fun, and we like fun.

When emerging creatives select a brief for the D&AD New Blood Awards, they set forth on a deep-dive into an issue and carry those learnings…

The Case for Her

The Case for Her is a philanthropic investment portfolio addressing the key women’s health issues of menstruation and female sexual health.

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