Inspirational menstrual marketing campaigns of 2020

Bringing menstruation out of the shadows, one tampon bus at a time

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3 min readDec 16, 2020

To shatter the damaging stigmas surround menstruation, we need to normalize conversations and bring this all-too-hidden topic into the light. And 2020, for all its restrictions and shutdowns, seemed to be the year of innovative and barrier-breaking menstrual marketing campaigns.

Here are some of our favorite ideas that got people talking about periods.

Bloody Good Beer by BrewDog for Bloody Good Period

Image: BrewDog

The team at BrewDog are masters of fundraising, and with Bloody Good Beer, they are helping to raise funds for the non-profit organization Bloody Good Period. Created in celebration of Scotland’s decision to make period products free to those in need, all profits from Bloody Good Beer will go towards providing menstrual products to anyone who can not afford them across the United Kingdom.

Period Red by PANTONE and Intimina

Image: Intimina

In October, Intimina announced a collaboration with PANTONE, the self-proclaimed “Global Authority on Color”, to launch an official shade of Period Red. From CNN and The New York Times to Glamour and InStyle, it seemed like everyone had something to say about this menstruation-inspired shade. So, whether you like the color or not, Period Red was definitely a conversation starter.

The Tampon Bus by Clue

Image: Mensh Agency

Imagine waiting for the bus, only to see a giant bloody tampon on wheels pull up in its place. If you were in Copenhagen this August, that rolling tampon is exactly what you may have seen from Clue, the period tracking app that is science-driven and female-led (and also happens to be part of our menstruation portfolio). Clue worked with the Mensh Agency to create this outdoor advertising campaign because periods and busses have one thing in common: “You would like to know when they are coming.”

#WombStories by Essity

With the powerful song ‘Priestess’ by Pumarosa playing in the background, #WombStories shows the truth behind menstruation through video and emotionally-charged animations. From its depiction of endometriosis as a destructive monster to the “flood gates” being opened by a sneeze, this incredible video has struck a chord with women worldwide.

Kotex keeps it real

Image: U by Kotex on YouTube

Unless you are a horseshoe crab, your blood isn’t blue. So why do most commercials about period products feature a clear blue liquid? Well, times are changing — finally! In January, Kotex released a campaign featuring a realistic-looking red liquid that menstruators could identify with. Back in 2017, Bodyform by Essity was breaking down those blue-stained walls, and it’s great to see other companies coming on board with the trend.

Honorable mention: The Vulvani Gallery

Image: Vulvani

Did you know that people are 42% more likely to click on a campaign if it has an eye-catching image? Thanks to the Vulvani Gallery, those working with menstrual health now have a place to go to source free and high-quality stock images. Just make sure you give them credit!

Did we miss anything? What campaigns inspired you to be more Period Positive this year?

/ Lindsey Higgins, Communications Officer, The Case for Her



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